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The Leadsun Difference

fast turn-key service

Fast Turn-key Service

SMART public solar lighting solutions that are easy to install mean disruption-free, incredibly fast project turnaround times

establishment of LEADSUN

The Industry Pioneer

World leader since 2005 in delivering innovative, smart solar lighting systems that have revolutionised the industry

cost saving

Huge Cost Savings

SMART public solar lighting solutions that need no in-ground cabling or work crews, providing huge economic advantages

solar street light battery

Dependable Performance

Longer lasting lithium-ion batteries provide maximum performance, reliability and are proven to last well over 10 years

What is SMART Public Lighting?



Environmentally-friendly solutions that no power required from the grid



Aesthetically pleasing innovative and technical functionality



Can be installed
where power is
not available



Dependable performance through electricity blackouts & brownouts



Advanced innovation that intelligently reacts to it’s surrounding environment

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Key Transformational Projects

Leadsun are Trusted Solar Lighting Specialists by:

“Along with many Goulburn residents, I enjoy running this track early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The lights will be a great addition to the course, particularly in winter.”

Local Federal Member

Angus Taylor (Minister for Energy)

“Leadsun’s range of off-grid lighting are reliable and trust worthy. More than hundreds of AE series will be installed this year.”

Lighting Project Head, Israel

“We’re so happy to see the solar lighting can work for our public park here. With the endless solar energy, we can relax and do some leisure sport under brightness. And we’re all impressed to know that we can use Leadsun APP to easily remote control the street lights. Fantastic, we’re very satisfied!”

Local Residents

“It’s our first time cooperate with Leadsun, their profession and their hard-working attitude deeply impress us. With the wireless control system, we can remotely control & monitor the lights, we’re very satisfied with the performance and the reliability that the AE3C has been shown to us. And we’ll consider to use Leadsun off-grid lighting solution again for our other projects.”

Project Manager, USA

“We’re happy with the performance, 100% off-grid solar powered warm light, which is perfectly matched with conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands!”

Amposta City Hall

“This beautiful place and the eco-friendly infrastructure will be a real contribution to tourism in the region.”

President of the Republic of Chile

Michelle Bachelet

“This solar lighting solution will operate at full brightness from Dusk to Dawn and allows commuters and patrons the convenience of an easy accessible and safe passage to and from this car park. This cost effective lighting solution has not only eased the traffic congestion for the community but it is a sustainable win for all.”

Penrith City Council

North Street Car Park

Shine a Light Educational Series

PART 1: Public lighting for social, economic and environmental benefits

Everyone deserves the opportunity to move about their community at night and fully participate in society, just as they would during the day.

Public lighting for social, economic and environmental benefits is part 1 of the Shine a Light educational series and introduces the need for good public lighting to support many positive outcomes including safety, accessibility and equity.

This is an evidence-based research report, independently conducted by Victoria Walks & Webb Australia.

Download your free copy to help support grant applications, inform policy, and most importantly, build an equitable society!

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