Advantages of
Smart Public Lighting


Public asset access extended using sustainable lighting

Public recreational spaces have experienced a major increase in community use. Leadsun’s SMART Public Lighting offers a sustainable, grid-free solution for extending community access hours and reducing local congestion.


Prolonging system life using automatic lighting control triggered by motion sensors

Leadsun’s automatic adaptive lighting control technology utilizes motion sensors, which detect activity and inactivity and can automatically dim lights by 30% during periods of inactivity. This technology works to significantly prolong battery life.


Providing safer, more attractive and inviting environments through modern design

Local Governments can create safer, more inviting, and aesthetically appealing environments through the implementation of SMART public lighting. Walking trails, sidewalks, and parking lots can be made safer and more valuable to communities using modern lighting solutions.


Easy and environmentally friendly installation

Unlike traditional electrical solutions, Leadsun’s SMART solar public lighting systems are self-sufficient, standalone systems that do not require connection to the grid. This negates the need for environmentally disruptive, time-consuming and expensive underground trenching and wiring works.


No electric bills

As Leadsun’s SMART lighting systems are grid-free, you can forget about both the utility company and monthly bills with our self-reliant, locally controlled systems.

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