Solar Park Lighting

Solar Park Lighting

The sustainable solution for safe, intuitive solar landscape lighting

Within local recreation reserves, there are a variety of assets that if lit up with a would provide the local community more options for assessing the connected assets around the reserve.

From thoroughfares, pathways, and car parks to outdoor gyms and basketball courts, Leadsun’s recreational reserve SMART solar led street lights provide that valuable splash of light when the main sporting oval lights are turned off. 

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What Our Clients Say

  • “Along with many Goulburn residents, I enjoy running this track early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The lights will be a great addition to the course, particularly in winter.”

    Local Federal Member

    Angus Taylor (Minister for Energy)
  • “Leadsun’s range of off-grid lighting are reliable and trust worthy. More than hundreds of AE series will be installed this year.”

    Lighting Project Head, Israel

  • “We’re so happy to see the solar lighting can work for our public park here. With the endless solar energy, we can relax and do some leisure sport under brightness. And we’re all impressed to know that we can use Leadsun APP to easily remote control the street lights. Fantastic, we’re very satisfied!”

    Local Residents

  • “It’s our first time cooperate with Leadsun, their profession and their hard-working attitude deeply impress us. With the wireless control system, we can remotely control & monitor the lights, we’re very satisfied with the performance and the reliability that the AE3C has been shown to us. And we’ll consider to use Leadsun off-grid lighting solution again for our other projects.”

    Project Manager, USA

  • “We’re happy with the performance, 100% off-grid solar powered warm light, which is perfectly matched with conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands!”

    Amposta City Hall

  • “This beautiful place and the eco-friendly infrastructure will be a real contribution to tourism in the region.”

    President of the Republic of Chile

    Michelle Bachelet
  • “This solar lighting solution will operate at full brightness from Dusk to Dawn and allows commuters and patrons the convenience of an easy accessible and safe passage to and from this car park. This cost effective lighting solution has not only eased the traffic congestion for the community but it is a sustainable win for all.”

    Penrith City Council

    North Street Car Park

Optional EDGE Wireless Technology

Remotely monitor and configure your lighting control, manage battery consumption and detect failure warnings from anywhere in the world. Other features include an energy saving working mode function switch and real time GPS maps to name a few. 

Solar Park Lighting

Leadsun’s solar led street light is a technologically versatile, off-grid sustainable lighting solution that conserves power by dimming down to 30% capacity when there is no activity. This provides enough background light to ensure security and enough low light on accessways to maintain a sense of community, rather than isolating public places in darkness.
When any significant movement is detected – whether that be by a vehicle or a pedestrian entering the reserve – the unit switches to 100% output, giving enough light to identify hazards on the accessway and plenty of light to deter unwanted activity.

Our solar led street light for park lighting is controlled through wireless remote technology with an off-site wireless control that allows users to remotely monitor and configure the lighting system from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of solar park lighting:

Cost-effective solution for power conservation 
Leadsun’s intelligent solar led street light for park lighting offers huge economic savings, with no in-ground cabling or expensive work crews required for installation.

Enhanced community comfort and activity
Solar landscape lighting contributes to a safer, more inviting environment, increasing the possible usage times of reserves.

Increased community safety and satisfaction 
Leadsun’s solar park lighting helps to ensure greater community safety. Improved lighting creates ambient and welcoming shared community spaces with increased activity and engagement, along with decreased rates of crime.

Solar Landscape Lighting FAQ’s:

As there are no electricity work to factor in, or underground cabling required, a solar landscape lighting system can be installed significantly faster than the grid-powered lighting equivalent. As a comparison, traditional grid-powered lighting for a 1 km pedestrian pathway with P2/P4 lighting compliance would take approximately 12 weeks to install, compared to just 2 weeks for the same project using solar landscape lighting.

Yes. First, because solar landscape lighting is not dependent on power from the grid but rather the sun. Second, because Leadsun’s advanced solar and patented battery technology combine to significantly extend battery life. This means we can guarantee that our technology is not only reliable, but that it will match and better any other solar landscape lighting solution on the market.

There is minimal maintenance required on a SMART public lighting system as it can be easily monitored with wireless technology. If anything does need attention, our lowerable pole technology makes it easy to access the technology at the top of the pole.

  • Huge economic advantage, with no in-ground cabling or expensive work crews required to install our intelligent solar path lights
  • Installation anywhere, with incredibly fast turn-around times due to easy-to-install lowerable pole technology
  • Increased usage times of reserves, contributing to a safer, healthier and more inviting environment


See solar landscape lighting in action

Buchanan Park – Berwick Skate Park Lighting

With the population rising quickly in the City of Casey, most public spaces and community assets have seen a huge spike in popularity. The Berwick Skate Park within Buchanan Park is one of these popular spots, and the council identified the requirement for a lighting solution that would extend the hours of use for this asset while creating an inviting and safe environment for the locals.

See the project in action here 

Tormore Reserve Facility

As part of their Livable Streets Plan, the Knox City Council wanted to support the take-up of more walking, cycling, and exercise in their community. New concrete pathways, a basketball court, an outdoor gym, and playground were constructed at the Tormore Reserve facility, but they needed lighting. 

See the project in action here