Crown Reserves Improvement Fund

Smart Public Lighting

The NSW Government is currently investing $14 million through their Crowns Reserves Improvement Fund

The top 3 objectives for a successful submission are:  

  1. Maintain and develop recreational and tourism facilities on public reserves for community use and enjoyment
  2. Facilitate initiatives that enhance the operational sustainability via reducing ongoing costs
  3. Renovate infrastructure to optimise value to the community with a particular focus on ensuring public safety

SMART Public Outdoor Solar Street Light Fits into All Three of These

Now is the perfect time to look at lighting up your communities most valuable assets so recreational and tourism facilities are more accessible and safer for longer periods of the day. Not only will this reduce ongoing costs by cutting power bills, it is an environmentally sustainable solution that will future proof all community assets. 

For under $10,000 you can get three completely new stand alone ’dusk to dawn’ SMART Public Outdoor Solar Street Light Systems.

To find out more about the Crown Reserves Improvement Fund and how we can help future-proof your investment, please send us your details so we can have a look at your project in more detail. 

    Goulburn Mulwaree Council lighting the way

    Why SMART Public Lighting?

    1. Fast project turn around times using our EZYpole concrete-less footing system.
    2. Cost effective solutions as no disruptive trenching and underground cabling is required.
    3. Sustainable lighting that extends access hours to sporting infrastructure and connected assets like car parks.
    4. Motion sensors triggering automatic lighting control, together with advanced battery technology, guarantees long system life span.
    5. Modern design that provides a safer and more inviting environment for the community.
    6. No ongoing power costs and dependable performance that avoid blackouts and brownouts.

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