Residential Solar Lighting Solution

residential solar lighting in USA

Location: Villa District near Epperson Lagoon – Overpass Road, Wesley Chapel, Florida

Client: Local Real Estate Company

Product: Leadsun AE3C Series Split Type

Description: 80W PV, 30W LED, 460Wh Battery, Wireless Control


The Real estate company needs street lights on the residential area roadway to provide excellent lighting effect and safety to the residents. 362 sets of AE3C solar street lights were installed on the villa district roadways.


The client required intelligent lighting and an eco-friendly environment for the villa district. With this intelligent technology, the street lights can be controlled wirelessly to switch on and off or adjust the output power to extend the lighting time when during the rainy days, which makes sure every night the street lights can light up the ways for all residents back home.

Our Solution

Leadsun offered the off-grid solar lighting solution that equipped with our independent R&D Lora wireless control system on AE3C series split type solar street light (80W PV, 30W LED, 460Wh li-ion battery), enable users to adjust the light output power and working time anytime and anywhere. 4000K color temperature LED merges with the residential lighting making the overall environment warmer. With the cut-off lighting design of the solar street light, it will not cause any light pollution in the residential area.

residential solar lighting solution


“It’s our first time cooperating with Leadsun, their profession, and their hard-working attitude deeply impresses us. With the wireless control system, we can remotely control & monitor the lights, we’re very satisfied with the performance and the reliability that the AE3C has been shown to us. And we’ll consider using Leadsun off-grid lighting solution again for our other projects.”

Off-grid Pathway Lighting Solution in Slovenia

The Municipality of Logatec, Slovenia

Logatec is a town in Slovenia. It is the seat of the Municipality of Logatec. It is roughly in the center of Inner Carniola, between the capital Ljubljana and Postojna. The town of Logatec has seen rapid industrial development and immigration since the completion of the nearby Al motorway to the coast.

The area of Logatec is mostly covered by forests and is known for biking and hiking routes.

The Chance and Challenge

The local authority is looking for an illumination solution for the town walking pathway. This pathway connects with the residential area, which plenty of people will walk there at night regularly. After considering, an off-grid solar lighting solution was selected to be installed on the walking path.

First, it only uses renew it only uses renewable solar power energy which can lower the pressure of the local power supply. Second, the off-grid solar lighting solution has a lower maintenance cost and is eco-friendly to the environment.

The biggest challenge faced was the reassurance of Leadsun products to the customers. Because this was a large task they had to make sure Leadsun off-grid solar lighting solution was going to be the most efficient solution to their problem. They were looking to achieve the best product, quality, and efficiency, all for a good price.

Leadsun Off-grid Solar Lighting Solution

Leadsun AE3C split type solar street light features a strong tensile aluminum frame, superior Cree LED light, adjustable light head, PIR motion detection, lithium battery, and high-efficiency controller. This excellent performance and energy-saving off-grid lighting not only gives sufficient lighting to the pathway but also a reliable solution at a competitive price.

AE3C Solar Street Light Solution

After a period of effort, Leadsun reached an agreement with the local authorities offering them our solar solutions in Logatec. Our AE3C design was implemented and installed on a small walking path. The solar solution was able to illuminate the whole walkway which allowed the citizens to be happy and walk freely. The visually aesthetic design, high light output, and motion sensor were able to give the citizens a pleasant experience with the AE3C series. Also due to the easy installation, this project was completed in a quick time.

Walking Track Solar Street Lights

Location: Goulburn Mulwaree Council (GMC) – Wollondilly River Walking Track

Client: Goulburn Mulwaree Council (GMC), Australia

Product Used: AE3C 80W


In 2018, the GMC was awarded a $500,000 Federal Sport and Recreation Grant for the embellishment at their Wollondilly River Walking Track. The majority of the funding is for the provision of solar-powered lighting to illuminate 4.0 kilometers of this shared pathway. This had been a result of community consultation wanting to engage in more healthy activity, particularly at night. The 2.0-meter wide concrete path starts at Marsdents weir and meanders its way along the picturesque Wollondilly River through a series of pedestrian bridges ending at the Kenmore Bridge (including a recently constructed 200m long Steel Span Bridge).


There’s a 400-meter section of the path that had a very dense tree canopy. And the solar-powered lighting system needs to have wireless control option allowing remote monitoring.

Our Solution:

Over this distance, there are 116x solar-powered AE3C series systems installed. And each LED light is equipped with PIR (motion detection) and also equipped with Leadsun Edge wireless communications for remote monitoring.


“Council’s use of sustainable energy options reflects community expectations,” Mr. Taylor said.

“There is an increasing awareness that we can all do our bit to reduce carbon emission across a broad range of smaller-scale projects and in our individual lives.

“Along with many Goulburn residents, I enjoy running this track early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The lights will be a great addition to the course, particularly in winter.”

-Local Federal Member, Angus Taylor (Minister for Energy)

Solar Lighting Solution on Israel


Kalya is an Israel settlement and Kibbutz in the West Bank. It was originally established in 1929 but was occupied and destroyed in 1948. It was later rebuilt in 1968 on the northern shore of the Dead Sea, 360 meters below sea level. Leadsun’s off-grid intelligent lighting has been the chosen one for illuminating this Kalya Kibbutz, Israel.

Let’s see how and why?

The Challenge

It is well-known that the Dead Sea is a unique place on the earth and it is famous for its extremely high salinity. The land around the Dead Sea is a spectacular desert, with sunny skies almost year-round. In the summer the temperature rises to 40℃ and sometimes reaches 55℃. The humidity of the air hardly exceeds 40% and it drops in the summer to an average of 23%. It was a challenge whether any street light can work efficiently in this harsh environment while saving energy and cost.

The Confidence from Leadsun

The first 4 sets of AE2 series off-grid lights were installed in the Kibbutz six years ago, even under harsh conditions, these solar street lights are still working completely perfectly while withstanding high temperature, high humidity, and high salinity.

The Objective

The authorities had the challenge to install the solar street lights on the steep way to the beach.

Due to the extremely hot and salty air condition, the street lights have to be competent enough to overcome these severe weather conditions while providing sufficient lighting.

The Solution

Due to its successful past history and its recognized structural rigidity, Leadsun proposed the same off-grid lighting solution to overcome all the installation contingencies along with saving energy and the cost.

The authorities were so satisfied with the proven solution that they immediately commissioned the proposed AE2 split type solar lights 25W and 30W PV with 12W 3000K Cree LED at Kalia Kibbutz. With a simple installation process, dozens of Leadsun solar street lights were installed throughout the steep slope along the beach quickly and successfully.


“Leadsun’s range of off-grid lighting is reliable and trustworthy. More than hundreds of AE series will be installed this year.”

-Lighting Project Head, Israel

LED Parking Lot Light in Spain

Location: Ebro Delta, Catalonia, Spain

Client: Amposta City Hall

Distributor: Leadsun Spain

Product Used: 4 AE6 LED parking lot lights with 180W PV 102 Ah, double LED 30W Color Temperature Ambar; 10 AE6 lamps with 130W PV 60 Ah, single LED 30W Color Temperature Ambar

led parking lot light


The Ebro Delta is one of the largest wetland areas in the western Mediterranean region, at 320KM2 (79,000 acres).

The Ebro Delta was placed on the Ramsar Convention list of wetlands of international importance as defined for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands, recognizing the fundamental ecological functions of wetlands and their economic, cultural, scientific, and recreational value.

One of the car park administrations contacted Leadsun Spain to customize a led parking lot light solution for this area with important environmental value.

smart led parking lot light


To make the whole environment calm, pleasant, and eco-friendly, the project needs to be low light pollution.

Our Solution:

The product used was AE6 series LED parking lot light.

The central line used a double 30W LED with 180wp PV and 102 Ah battery, and the perimeter used a single 30W LED with 130wp PV and 60 Ah battery, all of them installed on a 6m pole.

all in two led parking lot light


“We’re happy with the performance, 100% off-grid solar powered warm light, which is perfectly matched with conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands.”

An Eco-friendly LED Solar Street Light Solution on a Scenic Front, Chile

Products Used: AE3C Series

Location: Arica, Chile

led solar street light in Chile
Making an Eco-friendly Lighting on a Scenic Front

Cuevas de Anzota, Chile

Arica is a commune and a port city in the Arica Province of northern Chile’s Arica and Parinacota Region and also the capital of both the Arica Province and the Arica and Parinacota Region.

Arica is located at the bend of South America’s western coast known as the Arica Bend or Arica Elbow. Its mild weather has made Arica known as the “city of the eternal spring” in Chile while its beaches are frequented by Bolivians.

The Project ‘PEDZE’

Michelle Bachelet, the Hon’ble President of the Republic of Chile, Alberto Undurraga, the Minister of Public works and Gladys Acuna, the Mayor of Arica y Parinacota Region, took part in the inauguration of Plan Especial de Desarrollo de Zonas Extremas (PEDZE) – ‘the Special Plan for the Development of Extreme Zones’ where the investment volume reach 6280 million pesos on Corazones beach.

The president was fascinated by the beauty of the whole place after she walked over 1200 meters throughout the infrastructure which was built on the southern coastal edge of the city, following the coastal walk of Cuevas de Anzota.

led solar street light project
President Michelle Bachelet Unveiling the Plaque

The Challenge

The authorities have a challenge in illuminating the whole area without disrupting the scenic beauty and the eco-friendly concept of the infrastructure. Along the 1200 meters coastal walk there are biker’s lanes, shaded stations, parking lots, restrooms, street benches, maritime protection, lifeguard, and an esplanade for the food services.

The lighting also had to be bright enough to illuminate all these areas without compromising on the energy efficiency, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly.

In addition, the design of this coastal walk considered the concept of self-sustainability.

The Solution

Planners and designers selected LEADSUN’s AE3C series LED solar street light system for the massive project. The lights highlighted the architectural detail and natural view of the coastal walk.

A total of 240 units of LED solar street light systems were installed along the coastal edge using the LEADSUN’s products which exceeded in satisfying all their requirements.

The new installation from LEADSUN illuminated the whole region with solar and created a center of activity for the local community and visitors while enhancing the vibrant coastal front and encouraging further development.

led solar street light system

“This beautiful place and the eco-friendly infrastructure will be a real contribution to tourism in the region”

– Michelle Bachelet, The Hon’ble President of the Republic of Chile

Meadowvale Retirement Village Lighting Upgrade

solar lighting system for residential area

Meadowvale Retirement Village Lighting Upgrade



Lighting Compliance

AS/NZS 1158.3.1 P3/P4

Project Overview

Due to many years of continual outages, ongoing and expensive repair costs to service the existing electric street and pathway lighting, the Meadowvale Retirement Village was in desperate need of a final solution to their problems. And when they realised that all the existing underground electric wiring needed to be replaced, they found this approach to be cost-prohibitive and too disruptive to the environment. Lendlease then decided to look for an alternative ‘grid-free’ solar lighting system solution.

Video Case Study

Leadsun Solution

    • 118 x AE2 Split Series Systems
    • Solar Module Size = 36W
    • LED output = 10W
    • Adaptive lighting control automatically dims lights to 30% during inactivity
    • Lithium-ion batteries provides 10+ years maintenance-free life span

    Leadsun presented Lendlease with a grid-free, cost-effective and dependable solar lighting system solution that would also provide a more layered lighting solution featuring low-glare, adaptive lighting control to create a safer and more inviting environment for residents and visitors.

    Working closely with NDY lighting consultants, Leadsun’s solar lighting systems complied to the required lighting AS/NZ 1158.3.1 standards. It was calculated that 118 solar lights were required to sufficiently illuminate the pathways, driveways, and car parks throughout all areas.

    Leadsun provided the AE2 series ‘split-system’ that was found to be both cost-effective and fit-for-purpose as it has a low-wattage asymmetrical lighting beam that controls spill light into the residential properties but ensures adequate and layered lighting for areas that matter most. As the residents didn’t want to have the areas over lit during periods of inactivity, the lights were programmed to mainly operate at 30% brightness, then once movement is detected the light increases to full brightness for 30 seconds. The program function also increases the battery autonomy in the winter months when the nights are longer and the days are shorter.

    All  lights were safely installed with lowerable poles to ensure all works are carried out at ground-level without need for working at heights or machines etc. Finally, as the Leadsun solution required no underground cabling, the installation was undertaken trouble-free and fast without any destruction of existing nature strips, footpaths, roads and car park areas.

“Leadsun’s Solar Lighting System Solution was effective, efficient and our lighting problem was solved. Our residences now feel safe and can see wherever they walk through the village.”


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Similar Projects

Solar Road Lighting Solution

Product Used: Freedom Plus series Solar Street Light | LED 30W, Battery 308Wh

Client: Polonnaruwa Municipal Council

Freedom Plus solar road lighting solution


Polonnaruwa is the main town of Polonnaruwa District in North Central Province, Sri Lanka. The second most ancient of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms, Polonnaruwa was first declared the capital city by King Vijayabahu l.

Today the ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned archaeological relic cities in the country. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

split type solar road lighting solution

Project Requirements:

In order to get a safe and green living environment, the council wanted to light up roads leading to the main institution such as the hospital and parks within the council-controlled areas. After discussing and calculating, 78 nos UP30 308WH solar road lighting solution was selected for the project.

solar road lighting solution at night

Freedom Plus Series Solar Street Light

Freedom Plus series outdoor solar lighting is an economical solar road lighting solution for Leadsun. It is consists of efficient solar panel, durable battery system, smart control system, and LED light. It provides not only the best cost-effective solution but also an optimized solution for upgrading/replacing the existing used ones for the solar street lights.

With outstanding features of long life span, simple installation, and low-cost maintenance, the Freedom Plus series is indeed a classic work that can meet all your requirements.

Actually, more and more solar road lighting solutions are chosen to build green and sustainable smart cities.

efficient solar road lighting solution

Leadsun Sri Lanka Introduction

Established in 2013, Leadsun Sri Lanka is committed to providing an extremely high level of personalized service. With over 500 local installations, Leadsun Sri Lanka Solar Lighting is now trusted by public and private sectors throughout the country. Backed by highly skilled engineers and designers, we can now provide the most advanced solar lighting solutions to Sri Lanka.

Solar Area Lighting Solution

solar area lighting for rural area

Product Used: FREEDOM Plus Solar Area Lighting | Description: 130W PV, 20W LED, 384Wh Battery

Client: Ministry of Road Development, Transport, Power and Energy and Housing & Construction, Central Province 109 Yatinuwara Veediya, Kandy.

solar area lighting for rural area


The Central Province is one of the nine provinces of Sri Lanka, the first level administrative division of the country. It is primarily in the central mountainous terrain of Sri Lanka. The province’s capital is Kandy.

Kandy was the last capital of the ancient kings’ era of Sri Lanka. It lies in the midst of hills in the Kandy plateau, and it is both an administrative and religious city. Kandy is the home of the Temple of the Tooth Relic, one of the most sacred places of worship in the Buddhist world.

sustainable solar area lighting

Project Overview

Ministry wanted to light up remote areas all over the central province. After discussing and calculating, they decided to use a smart solar area lighting solution with more than 190nos (UP20 384WH).

The solar area lighting solution is smart and eco-friendly with strong poles, efficient solar panels, smart control systems, durable battery management systems, and efficient LED lights.

With the characteristic of easy installation and low maintenance, the smart public lights were spread over the Central Province and the location was chosen based on badly lit areas, religious and school areas.

solar area lighting installation
solar area lighting project

Leadsun Sri Lanka Introduction

Established in 2013, Leadsun Sri Lanka is committed to providing an extremely high level of personalized service. With more than 500 local installations, Leadsun Sri Lanka Solar Lighting is now trusted by public and private sectors throughout the country. Backed by highly skilled engineers and designers, we can now provide the most advanced solar lighting solutions to Sri Lanka.

Seaford North Reserve Car Park

solar car park lighting solution

Seaford North Reserve Car Park


City of Frankston

Lighting Compliance

P11C & P12

Project Overview

The City of Frankston responded to their communities needs by providing a much needed solar car park lighting solution for a busy car park at the Seaford North Reserve. The car park is used by the local sporting clubs, commuters using the Seaford train station and late evening dog walkers.

Leadsun Solution

  • 16 x AE3 Solar Engines
  • 1 x AE6 Solar Engine
  • 18 LSRM T3 Type Luminaires
  • Solar Module Size = 80W PV
  • LED Output = 1500Lm
  • P Category Lighting Compliance = P11C & P12
  • Adaptive lighting control automatically dims lights to 30% during inactivity
  • Lithium-ion batteries provides 10+ years maintenance-free life span

This lighting design provided some challenges to overcome as parts of the car park are heavily tree-lined with major tree roots. As our solution requires no underground cabling the tree roots were protected, however to provide complaint solar car park lighting to some disabled car spaces under trees, we installed a AE6 Master-Slave solar engine in a direct sun lit position, which powered the lights under trees. Further to this there were some special bracketing requirements with extensive outreaches to ensure P11C & P12 lighting compliance was met.

The final result shows a modern looking system that demonstrates smooth and consistent lighting throughout the car park with all compliance lighting met. This public space also has a much more inviting feel about it which allows the connected reserve to be safely accessed for longer periods of the day for a variety of people.

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