smart solar public lighting for car park

Angliss Reserve Car Park

Angliss Reserve Car Park


Maribyrnong City Council

Lighting Compliance


Project Overview

As part of their zero-carbon emission energy program, The Maribyrnong City Council opted to go  ‘off-the-grid’ and install LED parking lot lights system for the Angliss Reserve Car Park. The challenge was they needed it completed within 2 days and to have no disruption. 

Leadsun Solution

  • 12 x AE3 Series 80W stand-alone solar lights
  • 10W LED Maximum output power (Dusk to Dawn operation)
  • Adaptive lighting control automatically dims lights to 30% during inactivity
  • Lithium-ion batteries provides 10+ years maintenance-free life span
  • Lowerable poles allows cost-effective servicing safely from ground level
  • Future proofed with built-in wireless control and monitoring system

Leadsun’s solution was to use the easy to install ‘All-In-One’ Solar Engine with Plug & Play LED fixture coupled with the EZYpole lowerable poles & concrete-less footings allowing the project team to successfully install the entire LED parking lot lights solution from ‘start-to-finish’ in just one day. This was achieved because this project required:

  • NO expensive underground trenching or wiring
  • NO excavation of footing holes
  • NO need for any machinery to lift poles or work at heights

Leadsun’s ultra-efficient LED parking lot lights system provides continuous dusk to dawn operation and achieves compliance to lighting standards during peak activity times of the evening.

We are not disturbing or contaminating, so it is a really good option for us. We have the EZYpole which is the winch pole without having to bring a Cherry Picker. Just by lowering the pole from the ground saved us a lot of money. It was a no-brainer to put these lights in here and the fact that was done in one day made it even better.

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