Howe Community Park

Solar lighting installation improves safety and appeal for local families at popular park in California’s capital


Sacramento County DOT

Project Overview

Howe Community Park is a beloved space enjoyed by Sacramento locals—filled with luscious greenery, playgrounds, picnic tables, and various sporting areas. The many amenities – including the off-leash dog – park make this space family- friendly, and with Howe Elementary less than a mile away, good public lighting is paramount in ensuring the safety of children and locals in the evening.

From Farm to Picnic Table

Formerly a farm, the land that is now Howe Community Park was generously donated to the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District many years ago — while appreciated, the park’s development was restricted by the absence of electrical infrastructure. As the city grew around the park and its usage increased, so did illicit nighttime park activity. This resulted in a heightened sense of anxiety amongst park users who felt compelled to leave the premises before dark.

Shady Trees and Shady Behavior

The large number of trees near the corner of Howe Ave and Cottage Way made it difficult for adjacent street lighting to illuminate the park’s pathway. However, the lack of electrical infrastructure meant that traditional grid lighting would require thousands of feet of trenching through existing water lines; furthermore, the installation of electrical conduit, wire, and concrete pole foundations would have required a budget in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A more economical solution was needed.

Grid-free Solutions for Quality and Value

Due to the large number of trees blocking surrounding light, the park wanted to install solar lighting along the main walkway – and after surveying the site, Leadsun’s AE3 SMART solar lights were found to be an ideal solution for this location. This meant that ample lighting could be provided to this busy park in a way that was both economical and minimally invasive to the environment. Plus, choosing a renewable energy source provided a long-term cost saving.

The Leadsun Difference

Eleven of Leadsun’s AE3 SMART solar lights were installed along the park’s main pathway in a fraction of the time and cost that a grid-powered solution would have required. Effective illumination was achieved, and the use of highly efficient 30W LED arrays meant that light coverage was provided where needed without undue glare or light trespass. The walkway extending all the way to Howe Elementary is now visible after dark, creating a safer and more inviting environment for pedestrians.

Leadsun Products Used

  • Number of lights – 11
  • Solar module series – AE3
  • Solar size – 90W
  • LED output programming – Dusk to dawn 40-100% upon motion detection
  • Pole footing type – Fabricated Aluminum Base Cover, Hardware, and Galvanized Steel Anchor Bolts
  • Pole type – 18ft Steel Bolt Down Poles

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