Horseshoe Lake Park

Solar lighting installation increases safety and protects nature in 15-acre Jurupa Valley Park


Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District

Project Background

Horseshoe Lake Park is a 15-acre park in Riverside County’s Jurupa Valley. While direct access to the lake is restricted, visitors can enjoy the lush surroundings via the various trails, picnic area and
basketball court that the park provides. The park is a winner of the 2021 American Public Works Association – Southern California Chapter B.E.S.T. Project of the Year award in the “creative and innovative” category, and is popular with the local community.

Sustainable foundations

The Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District (JARPD) had a goal of creating an “off the grid” park to surround the park’s namesake, Horseshoe Lake. Whilst it is unknown whether the lake itselfis natural or manmade, today it is a protected wetland area. As such, landscape architects kept the site design to a minimum so as not to disrupt wildlife and to accommodate the fact that the lake tends to hold more water during the winter season.

Solar lighting to improve safety and protect the environment

Before the brand-new park was built, no lighting was in place in this pocket of nature. A lack of electrical infrastructure meant that traditional lighting methods would require costly trenching and cabling – not to mention the environmental disturbance of this protected wetland.

However, crime prevention was a key area that JARPD needed to address to ensure the safety of the park’s visitors, so it was important to them that the lighting installed was grid-free. Additionally, JARPD wanted to avoid installing solar lights whereby the pole was separate to the photovoltaic panel, because in their experience this was more attractive to vandals. That’s why Leadsun’s All-In-One solar lights were the perfect solution for this project.

Safety, Illumination & Sustainability

30 of Leadsun’s AE3 and AE6 SMART solar lighting systems were installed along the pathway, picnic area, and basketball court, providing the park district with the proper lighting along with the appropriate operation schedule to address the park district’s concerns. Leadsun’s SMART solar lights required zero cabling or trenching, and the use of the EZYFoot foundation delivered additional ease during the installation process. Not only did this increase efficiency, but it kept environmental disturbance to a minimum.

With this, the Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District was able to attain its goal of creating a grid free park while simultaneously providing safety to the park’s staff and guests.

Leadsun Products Used

  • Solar module series – AE3 & AE6
  • Solar size –  80W & 180W
  • LED output programming – 30-100% output upon motion
  • Pole footing type – EZYFoot
  • Pole type – Lowerable

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