Enchanted Hill Park

Grid-free illumination transforms once derelict pocket of land into enchanted space


City of Perris

Project Overview

Formerly 22-acres of uninhabitable land noted by local police for drug issues, illegal dumping, and other criminal activities, Enchanted Hill Park is now a robust multi- purpose recreational space for the City of Perris locals. As Riverside County’s first SITES certified project, the remarkable new design bolsters the long-term sustainability of the park while addressing community health and safety concerns.

Local low-down informs park design

During the initial stages of the design process, local law enforcement and citizens were consulted to advise on the safety and security of the park. Their recommendations were reflected in the final design which included conventional landscape design safety strategies such as clear sight lines, ample lighting, and security cameras.

Logistical challenges

Upon searching for a lighting solution, City of Perris and their team of landscape architects and engineers were met with soil and logistical challenges. The soil was rocky and riddled with exposed bedrock and large boulders, making for extremely difficult trenching conditions.

The team were experiencing logistical issues, adding additional pressure to the time-consuming trenching prospect of the originally proposed traditional grid-powered lighting. With crime prevention a high priority, lighting was essential, and the project team were adamant on finding a quick and easy lighting installation solution.

Fast and frugal

It was initially thought that the cost of grid-free solar lighting would preclude the system’s viability. However, following an in-depth review and evaluation, the City of Perris concluded the long-term benefits would provide a favourable return on investment.

Solar lighting was found to be the ideal solution, requiring no underground trenching or cabling and offering additional long-term benefits of free energy from the sun and plug-and-play effortless installation. Leadsun’s expert lighting solutions team designed and installed the 51 SMART solar lighting systems well within the time and budget constraints, even in the height of COVID-19.

Enchanting value

Leadsun’s SMART solar lighting solution addressed
the site challenges, solved the logistical issue and provided long-term sustainability, performance and cost savings for the park. With this, City of Perris were able to honour the recommendations of local authority and provide ample lighting to enhance the safety and security of the park. Local residents now have a vibrant and inclusive recreational space – available and inviting to enjoy even after dark.

Leadsun Products Used

  • Number of lights – 51
  • Solar module series –AE3 Split & AE6 Split
  • Solar size – 90W & 150W
  • LED output programming –Area 1: From dusk, 25% illumination & 100% upon motion for 3hrs then 25% until dawn, no motion. Area 2: Dusk 100% illumination for 3 hours.
  • Pole footing type –Anchorbolt

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