Arcade Creek Park

Multi-use park in California’s capital further optimizes its functionality with solar lighting installation.


Arcade Park District

Ancestral Territory

Nisenan peoples

Project Overview

Arcade Creek Park is a former farm nestled between Arcade Creek and Verde Cruz Creek in California’s bustling capital Sacramento. Surrounded by mature oak and eucalyptus trees, the park boasts amongst other things a basketball court, children’s play area, restrooms, walkways and a dog park. The park is also the trail head of the Jo Smith Nature Trail. Thanks to its picturesque flora and abundance of facilities, the park is popular with the local community.

Shady night-time behavior

Prior to the installation of Leadsun’s lights, illumination in Arcade Creek Park was limited due to a lack of electrical infrastructure. A local resident, Senica Gonzalez, suggested that Arcade Creek Park District install environmentally sustainable, off-grid solar lighting due to concerns about nighttime park safety and crime. Installation of traditional grid lighting was projected to be extremely costly as there are underground water pipelines and no existing electricity in the park.

Cost-effective & easy installation

Arcade Creek Park District received a generous grant from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) to fund the lighting upgrades in the park’s pathways and parking lot. They appreciated Leadsun’s slimline, cost-effective and SMART solar lighting and the design which cleverly ensured solar panels were not shaded by trees.

Leadsun’s SMART solar lights avoid the major hassles and expenses of trenching and cabling whilst the use of EZYPoles delivered additional ease in the installation process. The automated adaptive lighting levels using PIR motion sensors maximize battery life whilst also ensuring minimal disruption to local wildlife. The environmental sustainability, easy installation and cost- effectiveness of Leadsun’s SMART solar lights made them the perfect illumination solution for Arcade Creek Park.

Safety, illumination & recognition for popular park

Thanks to the collaboration between Leadsun, Arcade Creek Park District, Graybar Distribution and Griffin Electric, SMART solar lighting in Arcade Creek Park has enhanced safety and park usage. Law enforcement have reported a decline in illicit activity in the area whilst the community is delighted with the results.

On the strength of his initial contribution and ongoing collaborative efforts for this project, Senica Gonzalez ultimately became District Chairperson –rendering this project a win for all parties involved.

Leadsun Products Used

  • Number of lights – 23
  • Solar module series – AE3 & AE6
  • Solar size – 70W & 180W
  • LED output programming – Dusk to Dawn 30-100% output upon motion detection
  • Pole footing type – EZYfoot
  • Pole type – EZYPole

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