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Leadsun USA

Leadsun USA is the North American subsidiary of Leadsun Global, the pioneer in SMART solar lighting technology.  

Founded in 2015, Leadsun USA has locations in Florida and California and specializes in public outdoor lighting using grid-free solar technologies. 

We are on a mission to light up public spaces across the United States with SMART solar products that are friendly to the environment and of the highest quality. With 30+ patents – including the world’s first all-in-one solar light and our ingenius dual lithium battery management system – Leadsun USA is dedicated to providing customers with the most intelligent, contemporary, and easy-to-install solar powered products.  

To ensure total control over product testing and quality, Leadsun develops and manufactures all its own solar products. We have attended major exhibitions including LightFair International – the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference to share our latest solar lighting solutions with the world. 

With superior production processes, industry leading technologies, and a quality engineering team, Leadsun USA is committed to providing the most comprehensive and efficient public lighting solutions to the North American market. 

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Our People

The team you can trust for your next lighting project

david pineda

David Pineda

Office Manager

Matt Pollard

Matt Pollard


Jose Lirio

Jose Lirio

Operations Manager

Kieran McGrane

Kieran McGrane

Director Market Development

Jim Colantoni

Jim Colantoni

Head of Sales

Shankar Sreenivasan

Shankar Sreenivasan

Service Manager

Alfred Ortiz

Senior Design Engineer

Walter Terella

Walter Terella

Business Development Manager


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